On January 1st, 2021, the hkp/// group celebrated its 10th birthday. Normally, we would have been able to throw a large party with customers, colleagues and friends. And we have plenty of reasons to celebrate. I can well remember how our business venture started out with seven colleagues and a single, modest fee statement in January 2011. Today, we have well over 100 colleagues and are a market and topic-shaping consultancy at the interface of HR, strategy and finance. Our home market is “DACH plus NL”, encompassing the countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, but our networking meetings and advisory services range from a compensation survey in Myanmar, a grading project in Oman, all the way to international expert and lecturing activities on the topic of corporate governance. What a journey!

2021 is the year of hope. With a Brexit deal, a new president in the USA, and the global launch of vaccinations against Covid-19, we have already heard the first glimmers of positive news. We all want to be able to exchange ideas, work together and celebrate successes again soon, safe and sound, in direct conversation with our counterparts. To overcome the pandemic and many other pressing contemporary concerns, we all need to be directly involved, both now and in the future: It requires cooperation, a shared set of guiding principles that we passionately follow, and cohesion. To sum up, performance, passion, partnership – the values triangle that we have been supporting during the last ten years since the hkp/// group was founded.

Characterizing 2021 with “performance, passion, partnership”

Let’s bring to life these guiding principles, also and especially in this Year of Hope, as individuals, companies and in society. Let’s roll up our sleeves:

Performance as a mission, contributing toward a livable, future-proof working environment and to create value. As a former “new kid on the block” among all the major service giants, hkp/// group has been and remains accustomed to standing out during its young history, thanks to an obsession with quality and a commitment to always walk the extra mile, which is decisive for success. Based on our conviction that during challenging times, it is important to make fact-based decisions, to act humanely and to shape a better future together, this is a claim that should apply to all decision-makers, especially right now: the will to achieve extraordinary things for our shared future.

Passion is what motivates the company and the people who work in it – the senses that drive them and the goal that they are all working towards. The hkp/// group has uncovered this passion from the very beginning in working at the interface of HR, strategy and finance and thereby enriching organizations – i.e., by making them more capable of action and more future-proof. This passion for shaping our living and working reality is more pressing for each of us this year and must result in specific, constructive contributions.

Partnership is a social duty that must still be brought to life by us as individuals and as organizations. After all, this improved sense of togetherness is crucial in ensuring that people don’t drift apart. As a partnership of strong individuals, the hkp/// group sees every day how successful diversity in action really is. There is a wide range of biographies, qualifications and skills, individual strengths, openness along with in-depth professional expertise to help us develop sustainable solutions for our customers, regardless of how challenging their query is. Those who work on diverse coexistence in companies and society are potentially therefore also working on the wellbeing of society and the economy. And we need to keep this in mind more than ever in 2021.

Think #10yearsforward with us!

What was set out a good ten years ago in the hkp/// group’s founding manifesto at Züriberg in Zurich with the “Performance, Passion, Partnership” values triangle is more relevant than ever and will remain our top priority in the years to come. For this reason, we are not going to celebrate our anniversary this year with the types of flashbacks we normally use. We would much prefer to look forward, ideally to the next 10 years: what will make us stronger as colleagues, employees, a company, both economically and in society, today and in future? We cordially invite you to explore this question together with us in a range of formats in 2021: Think #10yearsforward with us!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and would like to thank you, our customers, service providers, and colleagues for their trust, their valuable input, their pioneering projects and an unforgettable 10 years.

All of us would like to wish you a hopeful, opportunity-filled and healthy 2021.

On behalf of the Managing Director, partners and colleagues of hkp/// group,

Kind regards,
Michael H. Kramarsch

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