Dr. Christine Abel was Group Director of Performance & Rewards and a member of the HR Management Teams of METRO Group until the splitting up of the firm. From the end of 2012, she was responsible for strategic directions of the business group in all compensation matters, especially performance-based compensation, pensions and global mobility.

Dr. Christine Abel began her professional career in consulting in 1994 with a focus on corporate pension plan design as well as actuarial reports evaluating long-term obligations. After her move to Hay Group (today Korn Ferry Hay), where she became Partner and Senior Vice President, she successively expanded her advisory spectrum in compensation matters, in particular the structuring of top management compensation and performance management, and led major international transformation projects.
Dr. Christine Abel studied mathematics and computer science. After completing her degree in mathematics, she was awarded a research fellowship of the Graduate College of Informatics and graduated with a degree of Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D. in Natural Sciences). Finally, Dr. Abel has also served on various supervisory and administrative boards. She is a sought-after speaker and author for industry publications