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07. November 2018, Event
Deutscher Vergütungstag 2018
New Work - New Talent - New Pay Everyday new headlines are published on the most recent megatrends. These, of course, largely address the ongoing process of digitalization and its
12. September 2018, Interview/Point of view
Recruiting Experts: Addressing potential candidates directly instead of using sophisticated aptitude testing
When it comes to promising business models, companies have to recruit employees with success-critical know-how and relevant experience – and do so quickly. However, traditional recruitment
07. August 2018, Press releases
Equity-based compensation drives company performance
Continued worldwide expansion of long-term variable compensation with increasing heterogeneity of systems due to regulation Comparatively successful companies in particular widely apply
05. August 2018, Interviews
Catch up still on the cards: Digitalization and transformation expertise in executive and supervisory boards
Terms such as digitalization, transformation or the Fourth Industrial Revolution are buzzwords everybody is familiar with and often used as synonyms for a dramatically changing work and social world.
04. July 2018, Press
Holger Jungk and Johannes Brinkkötter, new hkp/// group partners
Personnel changes strengthen the HR Strategy & Transformation consulting segment Former Managing Director of the business service company of the E.ON Group joins the consultancy Frankfurt, July
05. April 2018, Event
Expert Breakfast "Employee participation and equity-based compensation in times of disruptive changes"
Well established over the past years as a focused, dialog-oriented platform for sharing knowledge and experience in the field of compensation, talent and HR management, hkp/// group
14. November 2017, Employees
Lena Berg
Lena Berg completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration at accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg. During her studies she focused on International Business and Marketing and her
08. August 2017, Interview/Point of view
From Energy Transition to Job Market Transition
The global energy transition presents threats and opportunities for both renewable companies and the traditional Oil and Gas industry (O&G). hkp/// Remunet runs a number of Compensation Networks among
29. June 2017, Employees
Felipe Linares
Felipe Linares studied psychology at the University of Cologne and at the distance teaching University of Hagen. During his studies, he gained practical experience in the fields of diagnostics,
05. May 2017, Interview/Point of view
Performance und Talent Management between Best Practice and Fit for Purpose
Many firms today are busy redesigning their performance and talent management systems. What trends and developments in the market should they follow, and which can they safely ignore?
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