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14. November 2017, Employees
Lena Berg
Lena Berg completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration at accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg. During her studies she focused on International Business and Marketing and her
08. August 2017, Interview/Point of view
From Energy Transition to Job Market Transition
The global energy transition presents threats and opportunities for both renewable companies and the traditional Oil and Gas industry (O&G). hkp/// Remunet runs a number of Compensation Networks among
29. June 2017, Employees
Felipe Linares
Felipe Linares studied psychology at the University of Cologne and at the distance teaching University of Hagen. During his studies, he gained practical experience in the fields of diagnostics,
05. May 2017, Interview/Point of view
Performance und Talent Management between Best Practice and Fit for Purpose
Many firms today are busy redesigning their performance and talent management systems. What trends and developments in the market should they follow, and which can they safely ignore?
16. March 2017, Partners
Dr. Jan Dörrwächter
Dr. Jan Dörrwächter (born 1969) joined hkp/// group in April 2017.   He took a degree in Law before starting work in the public sector. From 1999 to 2004 he was a specialist at the
16. March 2017, Press releases
hkp/// group appoints two new Partners
The well-known specialists and industry experts Lutz Cardinal von Widdern and Dr. Jan Dörrwächter become Partners at hkp/// group   Frankfurt, March 16, 2017. hkp/// group is pleased
20. February 2017, Interview/Point of view
Talent Management in the Age of Digitization
The work of tomorrow is nowadays discussed under the term “work 4.0”. It refers to the digitization of the workplace, which is often referred to as the biggest driver for “work
16. February 2017
Executive Compensation
Executive compensation has to motivate certain behaviors, limit risks, ensure corporate competitiveness and guarantee cost flexibility. It must be built around two simple questions: How much? and How?
16. February 2017, Executive Compensation
Grading / Job Evaluation
Grading, or job evaluation, has long existed in one form or another. In the past decades, developments have mainly been driven by the United States, where the approach was initially used in the public
03. February 2017, HR Strategy & Organization
HR Analytics & HR Benchmarking
Are KPIs being used to manage personnel and HR activities according to strategic objectives? Or to operationally control HR processes? Are target ranges for KPIs tied to internal and external
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