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07. August 2018, Press releases
Equity-based compensation drives company performance
Continued worldwide expansion of long-term variable compensation with increasing heterogeneity of systems due to regulation Comparatively successful companies in particular widely apply
21. May 2018, Interview/Point of view
Succession planning for board members as essential corporate governance aspect
The current hkp/// group Pulse Survey “Succession planning for board members” among the largest German corporations shows: A functioning succession plan is still a central
27. March 2018, Interview/Point of view
BRIC, USA, Europe: Recent developments in top executive compensation
For the seventh year in a row, the hkp/// group has analyzed the compensation of international top executives. The result: Compensation levels in emerging markets are still approaching those in
20. December 2017, Interviews
M&A: Communication connects
The mammoth M&A task can only be overcome if those affected become participants. This requires intensive communication. came together with hkp//// group Partner Dr. Christine Abel for a
10. July 2017, Interview/Point of view
Equity-based compensation works
This is the major conclusion of the latest Global Equity Insights Survey, an annual analysis of international market practice in the area of equity-based compensation. spoke
16. February 2017
Executive Compensation
Executive compensation has to motivate certain behaviors, limit risks, ensure corporate competitiveness and guarantee cost flexibility. It must be built around two simple questions: How much? and How?
14. December 2016, Interview/Point of view
hkp/// hits 100 – really!?
Personal reflections by Michael Kramarsch, founder and Managing Partner of hkp/// group, on six years of hkp/// history – from zero to a hundred.   January 2011 saw the creation of hkp///
02. December 2016, Press releases
Digitizing HR – Commitment is often lacking
Budget constraints are not the only reason for the lack of digitization in HR   Findings of the joint study HR goes digital by hkp/// group and the Business Administration/HR Management degree
24. October 2016, Industries
Oil & Gas Industry
The global Oil & Gas sector is being severely tested by market and industry disruption as a result of new supply sources - e.g. fracking -, geopolitical unrest, and the accompanying price volatility
12. September 2016, Interview/Point of view
Compensation surveys: Management information, not data salad – and the impact of stricter data protection
Offering a competitive total compensation package is a key factor in attracting and retaining talented individuals for critical roles in companies. Firms need an overview of the compensation situation
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