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07. November 2018, Event
Deutscher Vergütungstag 2018
New Work - New Talent - New Pay Everyday new headlines are published on the most recent megatrends. These, of course, largely address the ongoing process of digitalization and its effects on the
04. September 2018, Interview/Point of view
More focus on employees, less process-centric thinking: HR in transformation
Who says A, must also implement B. This is more or less the present state of things in the transition to modern personnel management. What additional functions will HR have in the
14. August 2018, Interview/Point of view
GEIS as a source of current market practice on equity-based compensation and employee participation
It is well known that long-term variable compensation has established itself worldwide as a core compensation instrument and that employee participation is on the upswing again. spoke to
07. August 2018, Press releases
Equity-based compensation drives company performance
Continued worldwide expansion of long-term variable compensation with increasing heterogeneity of systems due to regulation Comparatively successful companies in particular widely apply
05. August 2018, Interviews
Catch up still on the cards: Digitalization and transformation expertise in executive and supervisory boards
Terms such as digitalization, transformation or the Fourth Industrial Revolution are buzzwords everybody are familiar with and that are often used as synonyms for a dramatically changing work and
26. July 2018, Press releases
Guidelines for sustainable management board remuneration systems
A working group of well-known chairs of German supervisory boards, institutional investors, academics and corporate governance experts has presented guidelines for sustainable remuneration systems for
04. July 2018, Press
Holger Jungk and Johannes Brinkkötter, new hkp/// group partners
Personnel changes strengthen the HR Strategy & Transformation consulting segment Former Managing Director of the business service company of the E.ON Group joins the consultancy Frankfurt, July
18. May 2018, Interview/Point of view
Performance management in the energy sector - challenges and opportunities
The energy industry is changing: Energy revolution, consolidation, digitalization etc. A lot is demanded of the people shaping this revolution: agility, new skills, greater commitment, driving changes
26. April 2018, Press releases
Supervisory Board compensation in the DAX: Fair and reasonable at the top
The average total compensation of Supervisory Board Chairpersons in the DAX increased in 2017 by around 6% to €408,000 The average compensation on a European level is €810,000 The focus
23. March 2018, Press releases
DAX Management Board Compensation:Moderate increase to a new all-time high
Total compensation for CEOs in the DAX increases by 3.5% to an average of EUR 7.4 million – corporate profits grow by 36% Significantly improved compensation reports pick up on investors'
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