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05. August 2018, Interviews
Catch up still on the cards: Digitalization and transformation expertise in executive and supervisory boards
Terms such as digitalization, transformation or the Fourth Industrial Revolution are buzzwords everybody is familiar with and often used as synonyms for a dramatically changing work and social world.
26. April 2018, Press releases
Supervisory Board compensation in the DAX: Fair and reasonable at the top
The average total compensation of Supervisory Board Chairpersons in the DAX increased in 2017 by around 6% to €408,000 The average compensation on a European level is
27. March 2018, Interview/Point of view
BRIC, USA, Europe: Recent developments in top executive compensation
For the seventh year in a row, the hkp/// group has analyzed the compensation of international top executives. The result: Compensation levels in emerging markets are still approaching those in
23. March 2018, Press releases
DAX Management Board Compensation:Moderate increase to a new all-time high
Total compensation for CEOs in the DAX increases by 3.5% to an average of EUR 7.4 million – corporate profits grow by 36% Significantly improved compensation reports pick up
27. December 2017, Press releases
Management board compensation between company interests and investor demands
The why and the how of top investor and proxy advisor decisions on management board compensation Investors and proxy advisors have market power but lack transparency The need for a Stewardship
27. December 2017, Interview/Point of view
Say-on-Pay: uncertain times for DAX-companies
In a comprehensive study, hkp/// group and Ipreo have analyzed the ownership structure of DAX-listed companies and worked out how different investors and proxy advisors act in
07. December 2017, Studies & Research
Say-on-Pay: Which way does the coin flip?
Content: “Say-on-Pay: Which way does the coin flip?” is a joint study project of hkp/// group and Ipreo providing unique and highly detailed insights on the influence of different
14. November 2017, Employees
Lena Berg
Lena Berg completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration at accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg. During her studies she focused on International Business and Marketing and her
04. September 2017, Interview/Point of view
Executive compensation: The facts
Top management compensation has been a constant topic of public debate in recent years – in Germany, in Switzerland, and in all leading industrial nations. The issue stirs up strong opinions,
20. April 2017, Press releases
Compensation of supervisory board chairmen at DAX companies: stability at the top
Compensation levels of supervisory board chairmen at DAX companies grew by around 8% in 2016, to an average of EUR 386,000   Movement away from variable compensation
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