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07. August 2018, Press releases
Equity-based compensation drives company performance
Continued worldwide expansion of long-term variable compensation with increasing heterogeneity of systems due to regulation Comparatively successful companies in particular widely apply
04. July 2018, Press
Holger Jungk and Johannes Brinkkötter, new hkp/// group partners
Personnel changes strengthen the HR Strategy & Transformation consulting segment Former Managing Director of the business service company of the E.ON Group joins the consultancy Frankfurt, July
26. June 2017, Interview/Point of view
Grading as enabler for compensation transparency
How grading or job evaluation systems can help to fulfill employees’ right on information under the new Pay Transparency Act. spoke to hkp/// group experts Carsten Schlichting and David
13. June 2017, Press releases
Swiss top executives dominate European compensation league table
CEO compensation in top European companies falls by 3.7%, while that of Chairmen of the Supervisory Board declined by 3% The top places in the compensation league table continue to be
20. April 2017, Press releases
Compensation of supervisory board chairmen at DAX companies: stability at the top
Compensation levels of supervisory board chairmen at DAX companies grew by around 8% in 2016, to an average of EUR 386,000   Movement away from variable compensation continues –
31. March 2017, Press releases
Large companies in Switzerland with falling profits and declining CEO-Compensation
The number two companies catch up: SMIM-companies show soaring CEO-compensation while profits fall. Backlog continues: An educated discussion of top manager compensation requires a directive for
23. March 2017, Press releases
Strongest growth in profits at DAX companies since 2010 leads to increases in executive compensation
Profits at DAX companies up 37% – total compensation of CEOs grows almost 14% to EUR 7.1 million   Study "hkp/// group report evaluation: Executive compensation at DAX companies
15. March 2017, Interview/Point of view
Greater transparency for greater wage equality
What should companies be doing to achieve greater equality of salaries and income for men and women in light of the new draft legislation from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens,
26. February 2017, Other
Market comparisons and reports on the appropriateness of top management and board compensation
Compensation reports and the disclosure of compensation data for shareholders as a basis for say-on-pay decisions mean that companies' decision-making bodies have to follow a professional and properly
03. February 2017, HR Strategy & Organization
HR Analytics & HR Benchmarking
Are KPIs being used to manage personnel and HR activities according to strategic objectives? Or to operationally control HR processes? Are target ranges for KPIs tied to internal and external
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