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Performance & Talent Management

Performance and talent management feature high on the HR agenda of many companies today – and rightly so. Trends such as demographic change, internationalization and the shortage of talent mean that performance and talent management are critical HR processes to ensure a company’s long-term success.


Performance management is a core process for companies. It translates the firm's goals into performance targets for individual employees, showing them both their responsibility and how they are expected to perform – the "what" and the "how". Performance management then measures an employee’s performance on an annual basis, calibrates it amongst peers and triggers appropriate responses in the area of compensation and development. In a way, performance management provides the currency that is used by a wide range of HR processes.


Talent management can be understood as an ongoing process of optimization between individuals and jobs. This process of optimization covers the entire employee lifecycle and comprises a number of HR processes and tools. One of the key processes is the placement process. Performance management is also a core component of talent management.


Performance and talent management systems should be monitored regularly and adapted to changing company goals and external framework conditions. The objective is to increase the organization’s performance, to respond more quickly to changing market conditions and to tackle new challenges.


hkp/// group helps organizations to develop performance and talent management concepts across the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting, building loyalty, evaluating potential and performance and shaping development paths and placement processes for managers to designing solutions for the interface with compensation and exit conditions.


hkp/// can deliver support in different formats – from a traditional workshop to agile formats (e.g. design thinking). hkp/// adapts the formats to the framework conditions and goals of the project. Furthermore, we also offer project-related on-site support, if required.

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