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Data Quality & Ownership

The hkp/// RemuNet approach to Market Intelligence Collection, Validation, Masking and Publication is fundamentally different from any current market practices and providers.
We reject the notion of “bulk data or black box statistics”, whereby definitions and delineations are not well specified or tested. Data from our Networks is rigorously validated, tightly correlated, defined, and clearly specified against pre-agreed benchmark positions or point-factor methodology.
All data we collect remains the property of the Network Members. We do not repackage or re-sell data or surveys. Rather, we are a third-party administrator who works in strict confidence on behalf of self-determined groups of employers or associations to validate, aggregate, anonymize, and present market compensation data in our online systems and portals, for the exclusive use of its Members.
We work within qualified industry- or peer groups that:

  • have a ‘peer commitment’ primarily, and a ‘data exchange commitment’ secondarily,
  • take definition- and process ownership through inceptional- and maintenance activities participation facilitated and
  • consider trending market intelligence – and thus multi-year exchange within a consistent environment – preferable over a (combination/variety of) other methods.
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