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Working at hkp/// group

hkp/// group is made up of a team with varying cultural backgrounds, qualifications, and resumes. We call our new colleagues “T-Rex”. This is not to be understood in a literal way, but rather in the sense of possessing a deep set of specialized expertise combined with general foresight – exactly in this order!


Performance – Passion – Partnership – we live our company values anew every day. These values make up the core of our decisions and work.


Our performance is the foundation of our success. Our clients demand outstanding performance of us, as they can expect it. Are you seeking innovative ideas that work in practice and lead to actual results that surpass expectations? We embrace and fulfill these expectations, as this is exactly what we expect from each other.
Working at hkp/// group means to work for the top-decision makers and experts of leading German companies. This is why we expect from our employees to embrace the same level as our clients’ in their work, appearance, and communication. We support every employee and challenge their strengths and potential. We demand, but also provide a lot.



Let's be honest: Work isn't always fun. But if you enjoy doing what you do, if you put your heart and soul into it, if you're passionate about the challenges and determined to find solutions that go beyond your clients' expectations, then there is real joy to be had. At hkp/// we're passionate about what we do. We support and encourage each other at work because we love what we do – and we do what we love.


We demand and foster team work. International dialogue with our colleagues is important to us. Regular company events include e.g meeting in the Swiss Alps, taking part of the famous Frankfurt JP Morgan-Run and its adjacent after party, or relaxed team evenings at various locations. These events make up part of our corporate culture.


We are a company that established itself successfully and gained an excellent reputation through hard work: We obsess about quality. We think into the future and outside the box. Whoever works at hkp/// group provides quality work and enjoys to cater to clients’ needs. We never stand still, constantly adapting to new challenges by setting new trends. Hence, the professional development of our employees is a fixed and necessary component of our company profile. Be it on the job training, continuing education events, or workshops – hkp/// group offers diverse opportunities to broaden ones horizon professionally as well as personally.


In our offices that have a maximum of four work desks per room. We provide a high quality and attractive work environment – which is anything but related to standard solutions and open-plan offices. Drinks as well as fresh fruits are provided by hkp/// group to its employees. This support the pleasant working climate.

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