We are looking for people who want to join our team – and bring their passion to our vision of future-looking, value-creating solutions in HR management.


We are a team

We put together an individual team for every consulting project. That mans that you get to work with different people from different sections. The size of the project team depends on the scale and length of the project, but is usually between three and six people. Although we work in various offices in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and specialize in different areas, we are still one hkp/// and one group. This friendly atmosphere is what sets us apart from many larger strategy consulting firms: At hkp/// everyone has a face and is more than just a number.

  • Gina Beyer

    HR & Compensation


    If you thought sociologists were all talk and no action, you couldn't be more wrong – at least in the case of Gina. Working with data, figures and complex analyses is her forte. But she's no nerd. In fact, she is known for her creativity. Especially when she expresses herself in the form of delicious themed cakes. They're a massive hit with her hungry colleagues, and almost too good to eat. If only they weren't so tasty…

  • Stefanie Thiele

    HR & Compensation


    When the hkp /// group brought their new service "boardpay.com" to life, Stefanie was there from the beginning. Since then, she and her colleagues from HR & Compensation Benchmarking have been responsible for providing the right remuneration data for all consulting projects. Where others may lose orientation in the hkp/// data jungle, she keeps the overview. Data is the foundation of most our counseling projects. And Stefanie builds it.

  • Frank Gierschmann

    Performance & Talent


    When Frank sits in his office mulling over a problem, more often than not the result is an inspired solution in some area of performance or talent management. After working as an executive in HR management, he joined hkp/// group as a Senior Manager. He is now a Partner of the firm. His calling card is to stick his head round the door, a big smile on his face, and ask "Everything OK?" And the great thing is, he means it. Ensuring a great atmosphere at work is very important to him.

  • Leon Jacob

    Performance- und

    Talent Management

    Leon is a master of all trades whose enthusiasm for new ideas and projects is positively infectious. A former Philosophy student, he loves getting to the bottom of things – especially in his specialist field of talent and performance management. When Leon's on your team, you know the energy levels will always be high!

  • Nina Grochowitzki

    Board Services

    Nina is a graduate in Business Mathematics and has been with hkp/// since the very beginning. She started as an Analyst in 2011 and has successfully moved up all the levels to manager. Today she is a Team Leader in Board Services, where she uses her skills in econometrics to tackle projects in the area of corporate pensions in particular. She loves working with figures and compensation data – as her work shows.

  • Jörg Müller


    When Jörg announces he's taking a two-week vacation, the rest of us break out into a cold sweat. We live in fear that we might drop our iPhones or that our Ultrabooks might crash and Jörg won't be around to take immediate action. Jörg is the man who oils the cogs at hkp/// group, who enables us to do our work. And for that, we thank you, Jörg!

  • Catharina Kohnen

    HR & Compensation


    Catharina has experienced pretty much everything hkp/// group has to offer to people just starting their career. She first met us at a workshop at the University of Paderborn. Then she did an internship with us in Frankfurt, and later her industrial placement with us. After that she wrote her Master's thesis on the basis of hkp/// group data. And now – finally – she's joined us as a full-time employee.

  • Colin Stein

    HR Strategy & Organization

    Colin's work mainly focuses on bringing about change in HR strategy and organization. That's not always easy for companies, but it's fascinating to see what can be done and how, especially if you're helping shape the change. By the way, Colin is not just an adept business strategist – he's also known for his expert moves on the dance floor.

  • Friederike Lingertat

    Board Services

    Friederike is truly multinational: Her parents were German, she grew up in the United States, studied in the Netherlands, joined hkp/// as an intern in Frankfurt, switched to the Zurich Office for a while and is now back in Frankfurt. She supports our clients on international projects, helping design and optimize compensation systems. She's also our secret weapon when it comes to translating menus for our New Year's receptions.

  • Dr. Anke Hammen


    At first sight, a doctorate in Personnel Economics may seem a little odd for someone working in marketing. But add five years in PR and Event Management at a research institute and you get the perfect combination for hkp/// group. Anke brings her skills as an organizational powerhouse to event management at hkp/// group and leads the group's HR marketing with passion.

  • David Voggeser

    Executive Compensation

    Head of High-octane Sports, David always keeps his eye firmly on the target. In his consulting work, which focuses on executive compensation, he proves time and again that he is Olympic material in areas such as finance, strategy and communication. If he were a movie character, his motto would surely be "I feel the need… the need for speed."

  • Viktoria Jahn

    Executive Compensation

    Viktoria hit the ground running at hkp/// group: Almost straight after her trial period she was promoted to Senior Analyst. That's quite unusual – but also shows that hkp/// group recognizes and rewards outstanding performance. Her work now focuses on executive compensation, but she also brings her strengths in analysis and structured work to bear in other teams. We have no doubt that she will go far at hkp/// group.

What makes us tick

Do you enjoy project work?

What is important to you in your work environment?

What style of work do you prefer?

Is consulting the right career choice for you?

Let us help you find the answers! The hkp/// Recruitomat shows you whether hkp/// group is the right choice for you. It also gives you some ideas about what sort of questions you should ask at job interviews to find out if your potential employer meets your requirements.


  • Steep learning curve

    If you like learning new things, this is the place for you.

  • Individual career path

    Your work drives your career with us, not a fixed job structure.

  • Profit from experience

    You will be working closely with hkp/// managers and Partners.

  • Strong team culture

    We pride ourselves on the good atmosphere in our teams.

  • Everybody counts!

    What matters to us is the best idea, not who it comes from.

  • Reasonable Travel

    We spend much of our time working from the office where we are based.

  • hkp/// Talent Factory

    We are proud of the doors that open up for our people.

  • Team Events

    We love to celebrate our successes.

  • A great place to work

    We offer a modern work environment and excellent conditions.

Current vacancies

We are looking to hire students, recent graduates and professionals who believe in our values "performance – passion – partnership" and want to achieve greater success for our clients, our company and themselves. Contact us to find out more about the options available at hkp/// group. We look forward to receiving your application!

In case your profile does not fit our current open positions, please do not hesitate to send us your material anyhow, explaining what position you would be interested in.

Where to find us

You can find out more about our work at various recruiting events held during the year at selected universities. We would love to meet you at one of these events and have a chance to get to know you face-to-face.

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If you have any questions about hkp/// group, our work, our people, how to join us or where your career might take you, please get in touch. We would love to help you!

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